Thank you to our Sponsors

As our viewers continue to grow we’ve been fortunate to enlist some incredible sponsors to help us spread the word on the rewards of hunting with upland bird dogs. We’d like to recognize the contributions of those sponsors below and encourage you to support them as well.

Kinetic Performance Dog Food

Kinetic Dog Food LogoKinetic performance dog food features a full line of performance foods specifically developed to meet the dietary requirements of highly active working, sporting and competition dogs. Made without corn, wheat or soy, all Kinetic formulas are created to meet the elevated requirements of extremely active dogs for energy, endurance, recovery and digestive health. In addition, all products in the Kinetic line are made with a common ingredient profile to enable stress-free transitions from one formula to another during periods requiring higher or lower caloric intake. For more information on Kinetic or to find the nearest store, visit



Quail & Upland Game Alliance

quga-logo-325pxThe Quail and Upland Game Alliance was formed in 2013 to promote the establishment, restoration and maintenance of quail and upland game habitat. With the help of members, landowners and government grants, QUGA makes full use of manpower, funds, materials, equipment and natural resources for optimal results. Increasing habitat boosts quail and all upland game populations, which in turn benefits the overall health of the environment. Creating an early understanding of quail habitat preservation within an ecological context is essential to instilling a lifelong appreciation for wildlife and the environment as a whole. That’s why youth education is an important part of what we do at QUGA.



Highland Hideaway Hunting Preserve

Highland Hunting LogoHighland Hideaway Hunting is Eastern Iowa’s home for quality Pheasant and Chukar hunting. We offer a great Iowa Pheasant Hunting opportunity with over 1500 acres of meticulously managed and maintained preserve hunting land available for your hunt. You can look forward to plenty of high quality, hard flying pheasant and chukar that fly and hunt naturally. Highland Hideaway Hunting has been offering quality upland preserve hunting experiences for over a decade and we’re ready to welcome you to the club. Just looking to shoot? We also offer 5-Stand and Sporting Clays courses to help you hone your shooting skills. Learn more at



Kane Manufacturing

At Kane Manufacturing, their mission is to help customers around the world care for their animals with quality products. Since 1998, they’ve been manufacturing a line of products specially designed for pets, including solutions for heating, feeding and watering. Their pet heating solutions include a family of specially adapted heat mats, rheostats and thermostats to provide pet heating solutions for every need and budget. Their pet care solutions make your life easier, especially in harsh weather conditions. Kane’s Heated Dog Waterer withstands temperatures to -30 degrees Fahrenheit wind chill. Whatever your pet care needs, you can count on their products, and people, to help you make the best decision. Learn more at



Tank Tire

Tank Tire LogoTank Tire® is the FIRST & ONLY product to be designed to eliminate rust rings and prevent damage caused by rusty propane tanks. Tank Tire® is a premium quality, specialized rubber polymer ring that prevents surface damage, eliminates rust rings, & gives added cushioned safety. It is made of a non-skid material that has UV protection and is the first to be non-electrostatic. Tank Tire® fits most 10, 11, 15, 20, 30 and 40 lb propane tanks, fits inside most grills and patio heaters, and is also great for camping, tailgating, boating and the RV. To learn more about Tank Tire® and how it can help protect your propane grill, visit our website at



Red Cedar Bedding

Red Cedar Bedding LogoJ Bazzano Company is a third generation family owned and operated business that harvests, mills and packages Aromatic Red Cedar Products at their mill located in the northwest corner of Connecticut along the Farmington River. Their Aromatic Red Cedar Ribbon product is nature’s best dog bedding. Aromatic Red Cedar Ribbon is absorbent, provides greater warmth than hay and straw, and doesn’t mold or get hot spots. It also has natural oils to reduce pet order and deter fleas and ticks and is safe and natural unlike polystyrene fill. Red Cedar Ribbon is the ideal replacement fill for canvas dog beds as well as for use in kennels, field crates, boxes and doghouses year round. To learn more about Aromatic Red Cedar Ribbon, visit their website



Hubbard Life

Hubbard Life LogoYou raise animals for a reason. And we give you the wholesome, high quality nutrition to do it right. Formulated by a team of leading nutritionists, Hubbard® Life delivers first-rate protein, minerals and nutrients to meet the growth, performance and health needs of your animals. Hubbard Feeds has invested nearly 100 years into perfecting animal nutrition. And Hubbard Life, our premium line for your animals, is truly our masterpiece. You can trust that Hubbard Life is the best choice for the animals you care for – and care about. To learn more about Hubbard Feeds or Hubbard Life products, visit their website at